Hoxton Painted Doors

Kitchen Craft now offer a range of made to measure painted doors. The Hoxton range is available in six different styles – from traditional to ultra modern – and are available in fourteen finishes.

Soft Close

More and more clients are opting to upgrade to soft close hinges and drawer runners when renovating their kitchen. There is also a trend for designers to incorporate more drawers into kitchen design allowing for easier access. Kitchen Crafts range of made to measure products allow us to keep pace with changing trends within the [...]

Tip On Closing Mechanisms

In keeping with modern trends within the industry Kitchen Craft now offer soft close hinges on door replacements and for clients wanting a clean handle less look – tip on closing mechanisms.

News TopShape Finishes

TopShape range of Worktops

Kitchen Craft now offer a range of made to measure worktops. The Top Shape range is square edged and has laminate on both sides. It is available in eight decors in either 25mm or 40mm thick board and up to 1200mm wide! This versatile and innovative worktop will make your kitchen design come alive.

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