The amount and type of storage is key to the functionality of any kitchen. Renovating your kitchen provides an ideal opportunity to improve access to cupboards and the type of storage in your kitchen.

Wide and deep drawers tend to be a feature in modern kitchens. Changing from a cupboard door to deep drawers under the hob or eye level cooker will offer ideal storage and access for pots and pans. If you would like to keep the aesthetic flow of cupboard doors but want the practicality of drawers then pull out wire drawers fitted behind cupboard doors are ideal. Pull out wire vegetable racks fitted inside cupboards are also being utilized more in modern kitchens.

Corner cupboards often create hard to access areas. Magic corners offer a solution and will utilize previously wasted storage space.

Most clients with a larder unit in their kitchen will agree that at some stage they found something that had remained undiscovered and undisturbed at the back of the shelves for some time. Pull out larder wirework ensures that the full extent of the space becomes easily accessible.