Cooker hoods can provide both functionality and design to your kitchen. In recent years they have become an important focal point of a kitchen.

So why is a cooker hood so important?

  • When frying food grease will be absorbed into the air and deposited on surfaces and cabinets nearby making them difficult to keep clean. A cooker hood will prevent this by filtering the air through grease filters.
  • Cooker hoods remove smells from the kitchen (if extracted outside) especially if they are left on for a few minutes after you finish cooking.
  • Cooking can lead to steam and condensation which can lead to mould if not dealt with. If extracted outside it will remove steam from the kitchen.
  • Cooker hoods will provide task lighting directly above your hob.

Cooker hoods are available in a wide range of designs and costs. When choosing your cooker hood consider:

  • Whether you can extract the air outside thus utilizing the practicality of the extractor fully.
  • The extraction rate.
  • Does the design fit in with your choice of doors (Contemporary or traditional)

Cost of the extractor and the length of the guarantee.