Design Ideas


Modern kitchens have become a central hub for any home and need to accommodate a wide range of functions. From storage to cooking, entertaining, laundry facilities, recycling, waste management and energy efficient appliances. All this will need to tie in with the home owners design ideas. With such a wide range of factors to consider [...]


Worktops are the main source of activity in a kitchen. You will need to consider this when deciding on the material and finish of your worktops. It is also unlikely that you will find a worktop that ticks all the boxes so it is important to consider what your priorities are. High gloss or darker [...]


Kitchen doors are subject to heat, condensation; food splashes and knocks so they need to be both durable and aesthetically pleasing. There are a number of materials used in the manufacture of kitchen cupboard doors including vinyl wrapped mdf, PVC edged doors with a chipboard core, real wood doors and acrylic. Contrasting the door with [...]


Choosing the right handle offers an opportunity to add a finishing touch to your kitchen. If you are choosing door knobs instead of handles consider how they will look on your wider and deeper drawer fronts and larger doors and ensure they will not be to small for the door or drawer front. If you [...]


Cooker hoods can provide both functionality and design to your kitchen. In recent years they have become an important focal point of a kitchen. So why is a cooker hood so important? When frying food grease will be absorbed into the air and deposited on surfaces and cabinets nearby making them difficult to keep clean. [...]


The amount and type of storage is key to the functionality of any kitchen. Renovating your kitchen provides an ideal opportunity to improve access to cupboards and the type of storage in your kitchen. Wide and deep drawers tend to be a feature in modern kitchens. Changing from a cupboard door to deep drawers under [...]


Lighting can be considered in two respects. Task lighting for practice use of your kitchen and mood lighting to create an atmosphere. Task lighting needs to be planned to avoid having shadows over your work areas such as the hob, food preparation area and sink. Lights suited under your wall units are best suited for [...]