Laminate Worktops

  • To clean the worktop use a non abrasive cloth and diluted detergent.
  • Persistent marks can be cleaned using a non abrasive cream cleaner. For gloss surfaces it will be necessary to buff over the cleaned surface using a soft dry cloth. Never use scouring powders or abrasive pads.
  • Never put a hot pan directly from the cooker onto your work surface.
  • Do not place kettles, toasters or similar appliances over the work surface joints as the change in temperature may cause the joint seal to break down over time allowing moisture to penetrate the joint. This will then cause swelling which cannot be repaired.
  • Never cut directly onto your work surface.
  • Always use protective mats or chopping boards.
  • Metallic and gloss surfaces should be treated with particular care.
  • Although work surfaces are sealed to protect against water penetration it is advisable to wipe up any spillages – especially around joints to avoid penetration of moisture.
  • The work surfaces are factory sealed along the front edge and underside however it is advisable to allow the dishwasher to cool down before opening them to prevent steam from escaping onto the underside of the work surface.